What To Expect

The verdict is out. People who set goals are more motivated than people who don’t. 


It’s probably because it’s easier to hit a target when you know what you’re aiming at then when you’re not aiming at all. 

Maybe you’re like me and you’ve set goals before and you’ve achieved them. Then somewhere along the way you got too busy or just forget to set goals. 

Or maybe, you’re nothing like me. You never set goals or you set goals and missed them. You got turned off by the whole goal setting process. You bought into the headlines that said resolutions and goal setting is pointless. 

Either way, you’re here now. 

If you take this course seriously, I assure you that the next month will be filled with a lot more intention. You’ll be saying “no” to things that aren’t on your roadmap, and you’ll be saying “yes” to more things that serve you. 

If you have the stamina to persist, your next year and every following year after that will be radically more intentional. Setting values-aligned goals has been how I’ve achieved so much of my success without burning out. 

Whether this is your first time going through this course or your fifth time, you’re sure to get something out of it. 

By the end of this course, you will have:

  • Greater clarity around your values
  • A drafted set of goals to guide your next 12 months and beyond

This self-paced course consists of five (5) lessons.

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